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Strata loans, made easy

Get fast, reliable and secure access to the funds you need to complete repairs and upgrades for your residential, commercial or mixed-use property.

Find out now how our loans can be tailored and approved for your needs

At Austrata Finance, we provide strata schemes with easy access to strata loans to enable you to undertake refurbishments and building works without delays. We offer a simple application process, competitive interest rates for our strata loans and our friendly team will help guide you through each step of the way.

Introducing the Austrata Hybrid Loan®

Developed and offered exclusively by Austrata Finance, the Austrata Hybrid Loan® provides a middle ground for different groups of owners, allowing those apartment owners who have funds available to pay a lump sum and avoid ongoing loan interest, while those needing to borrow can spread their financial commitments over the life of a loan. Use Your Own Money or Borrowed Money – It’s Your Choice®

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Benefits and Features


No Security

Our strata loans for residential buildings are unsecured. No personal guarantees or mortgages required.


Upfront Funding

With Austrata Finance’s rapid approval and draw down process, get access to your funds faster so works can begin sooner.


Competitive Interest Rates

Our competitive strata loan interest rates will keep your loan repayments to a minimum.

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