Austrata Finance

Austrata's Lending Products

Austrata Finance has a suite of lending solutions designed to help you enhance and protect the value of your strata property.

We’ll give you a call within the hour to provide you with all the information you need for fast and effective financing.

The Austrata Hybrid Loan®

Exclusively offered by Austrata Finance, this is the solution when some owners want to borrow money and some owners want to use their own money. The Austrata Hybrid Loan: Use Your Own Money or Borrowed Money. It’s your Choice.

Standard Loan

A traditional strata loan suited to larger strata schemes seeking to borrow over $250k up to $10m or more.

Concise Loan

Designed specifically for smaller blocks with 4 or more units, loans range from $50k to $250k, limited information required, rapid approval.

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